This page lists the monthly meeting calendar and dates of Guild events.

In the first section you’ll find a tabbed layout of the current and prior year’s meeting presentations.  And below, a descending order list of each event’s agenda page, with minutes, and in some cases video links.


2023202220212020Prior DemosTIPS
  • December – What’s on Your Bench
  • November – Premium Presentation – David Hickson – Special Hand Planes Part Two
  • October – Enhanced Show-n-Tell,
  • September – What’s on Your Bench
  • August – Mike Heavner – Live at Howard County Fairgrounds, Home Arts Building, featuring Woodcraft entries from local and Guild woodworkers.
  • July – Enhanced Show-n-Tell, 
  • June -What’s on Your Bench
  • May – Fred Schock – Condo or Apartment Workshop Build (?)
  • April – Enhanced Show-n-Tell, 
  • March – David Hickson – Special Planes for the Beginner
  • February – Julie Bender, Pyrography (?) (minutes)
  • January – Enhanced Show-n-Tell (minutes)
  • December – John Linz, Celtic knot turning pepper mill (virtual)
  • November – Don Keefer segmented turnings (virtual)
  • October – Enhanced Show-n-Tell (virtual)
  • September – Enhanced Show-n-Tell
  • August – Joel LaFerrier, Wall Tool Cabinet (virtual)
  • July – MEETING CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus Concerns
  • June – MEETING CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus Concerns (Mark Supik (tentative), tbd)
  • May – MEETING CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus Concerns (Paul Jackman, Musings on running a woodworking website)
  • April – MEETING CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus Concerns
    (Don Angberg, Live Edge Timbers: Surface Treatment; and Richard Winchester for Edge Treatment)
  • March – Fred Schock, Maloof and Taylor Style Rocking Chairs
  • February – Brian Graham, Tuning a PorterCable 14” Bandsaw with 6” Riser Block.
  • January – Joel LaFerriere, Riffing on Files and Rasps, using rasps and files in woodworking
  • December – Edwin Keath – Wooden Threaded Rods, & Hot Wax Finishing
  • November – Mark Supik – Turning for Non-Turners
  • October – Joel LaFerriere – Jogs and Techniques
  • September – Joel LaFerriere – all things Shaker considered
  • August – Richard Brand – Restoring Windows (Richard is a building preservationist)
  • July – Doug Douglas – Built-in Kitchen Cabinets
  • June – Jack Nesbitt- Mitered Boxes with Sliding Lids
  • May – David Hickson – One Approach to Hand-cut Dovetails
  • April – David Knipfer – Maintenance and Care of your Woodworking Machines
  • March – Brian Graham – Building a Wooden Lantern
  • February  – Gerry Headley – Stabilizing Pen Blanks Part Two
  • January – Ed Fischer – Safety


Date Title Description
May 2018 Bandsaw Bowls William Peirce
Apr 2018 Chairmaking Doug Douglas
Jan 2018 Jig-a-Thon Various HCWG members demonstrate their homemade jigs
Oct 2017 Curves Joel LaFerriere
Sep 2017 Rosettes David Hickson
Jun 2017 Segmented Bowls Tom Rollins
May 2017 Wooden Spoons Don Nalezyty
Apr 2017 Tool Tuneup Tips Brian Graham
Oct 2016 Carving Fish Skip Wenk
Jun 2016 Fluting and Reeding Jeff Headley
May 2016 Elegant Boxes Dave Knipfer
Apr 2016 Greene and Greene Style Furniture Joel LaFerriere
Feb 2016 Walking Sticks Tim Jackson
Jan 2016 Turned Eggs Rick Munzer
Nov 2015 Crown Molding Ed Fischer
Oct 2015 Stringing and Inlays David Hickson
Oct 2015 Tuning Bandsaws Part 2 Brian Graham – Learn how to setup your bandsaw perfectly
Aug 2015 Bowties Richard Winchester
Apr 2015 Scrollsaw Baskets Rick Munzer
Mar 2015 Working with Wood Arnold Sewell
Oct 2014 Using Dyes for Finishing Joel LaFerriere
Sep 2014 Tuning Bandsaws Brian Graham
Mar 2013 Dovetails for Dummies Richard Winchester
Feb 2013 Sharpening Hollow Mortising Chisels and Bits Brian Graham
Jan 2013 Custom Stain Finishes Joel LaFerriere
Dec 2012 Turning a Christmas Ornament Lou Rudinski
Nov 2012 A Custom Router Jig for Making Chairs Fred Schock
Oct 2012 Green Woodworking: Carving a Wooden Spoon Mike Clarkson
Sep 2012 Making a 17th Century Stool Phil Parsons
Aug 2012 Lazy Susan Bowls Tim Jackson
Jul 2012 Custom Wood Carving Tolson DeSa
Jun 2012 Wax Finishes Joel LaFerriere/Ed Keith
May 2012 Turning A Live Edge Bowl using D. Elsworth’s Signature Gouge Tim Jackson
Apr 2012 Using Bowties to Repair Turned Bowls Lou Rudinski
For in-person meetings:
  1. Sony Player Instructions – PDF file
  2. Presenter’s Release Agreement
  3. Demonstration Guide Lines
  4. Demonstrators with files they wish to share should to make arrangements to email them to the webmaster for proper storage and link.
  5. Guild Canon camcorder manual Model vixiahfr70-72-700-im-en (for Guild videographer reference).


For virtual ZOOM Meetings:
  1. Presenter’s Release Agreement
  2. Demonstration Guide Lines
  3. Demonstrators with files they wish to share should to make arrangements to email them to the webmaster for proper storage and link.
  4. State your name
  5. Say what it is and why you made it
  6. Is it an original or did you follow a plan , was it modified
  7. Describe key features without getting into minute details
  8. Talk about 1 or 2 challenges encountered in making item
  9. How did you finish it
  10. Ask for questions
  11. Limit time to  8 to 10 minutes
  12. If you have a tablet you can make a very simple book stand type holder.  And set it on a small table or shelf.
  13. Laptop: set on a table or fixed object
  14. It is best if you can stand next to the object and point to it to illustrate a feature while describing or explaining how it was made
  15. Talk loudly as the microphone may be further away than usual.

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