The Guild workshop is located at the Bain Center where we hold our monthly meetings.

To gain workshop access, users MUST be active Guild members in good standing, be at least 16 years old, AND a shop monitor must be present at all times.

The workshop is exactly that, a workspace with power tools and airborne dust and chemicals.  Do not bring spectators or anyone less than 16 years old to the facility.

There are several things to know about our workshop.

  • Most important are the Workshop Policies.
    • Only members in good standing are allowed to use any tools in the shop.
    • A shop monitor MUST open the shop and remain there.
    • No one is allowed in the shop if there is no Shop Monitor present.
    • No power tools may be operated when only one person is in the shop.
  • Hours of operation
    • Monday: 830 AM to 12 PM
    • Tuesday: 830 AM to 12 PM
    • Wednesday: 830 AM to 12 PM
    • Thursday: 830 AM to 12 PM & 530 PM to 830 PM
    • Friday: 830 AM to 12 PM
  • Call Bain Center’s Main Phone: 410-313-7213, to confirm the shop is open if you have a distance to drive.
Current Workshop Status :
(posted in the past 24-hours by Guild Office, Shop Coordinator or Monitor only)
Shop Coordinator & Monitors
Coordinator Ron Fico (effective 10-09-2018)
Stu FitzGibbon (Assistant)
Monitors Don Sandruck, Monday,
Dan Messina, Tuesday,
Need Volunteer, Wednesday,
Bernie Noppinger, Thursday,
Fred Nastvogel, Friday
Thursday Nights Ron Fico
Alternates Manny FleckerDave McCann
Workshop Posts