Gift Membership


This is the Howard County Woodworkers Guild, New GIFT Membership product. If you intend for yourself, please choose our New Membership.

In the Description tab below please fill in form to identify yourself and the recipient to whom you’re giving the gift membership.

In the MONTH field just below, please choose the next whole month.  We give the rest of the current month free.  The date you pay the dues (by credit card, check or cash) represents the membership date.

NOTE:  Our fiscal year ends June 30th.

If you have questions, please use the Contact Us.

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STEP 1:  Which month to start membership? To the upper right of this panel, there is a drop down choice titled Month.  Choose the next whole month.  Get the rest of this month free.

STEP 2:  Who is the gift recipient?  Please complete and submit the form below.  We’ll process your order in your name, but add the person you identify in the form below in our membership roster.  Submit the form, and see the confirmation message.  Then click Add to cart.

STEP 3:  Check your Cart and Checkout.  When you check out, you can choose to pay by Credit Card and join right now, great if you’re not in the vicinity of our workshop or at our in-person meeting.  Or, you can pay by check or cash.

Gift Giver

The name of the person giving the gift.
The date you want us to send the recipient our Welcome to the Guild Email, which will include their website login, and helpful information with website links.

Gift Membership Recipient

We email for important communications about our meetings, membership, and goings-on; and we never ever share it outside our Guild membership.
We don't use it much, and we never share it outside our Guild membership.