Many Guild members have invested much effort and sometimes considerable expense in their personal workshops.  And are quite proud of the result.  It doesn’t matter how many square feet are involved so long as the woodworker can safely perform the tasks at hand for their project.  Some of the smallest shops are also the best examples of creative use of space, optimization, and economies of effort.

Would you like to show your shop?

Available up coming member shop tours will be shown on the next line.  

Guild FacilitatorsGUIDELINES
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David Knipfer, Co-Facilitator avatar
  • One shop tour per quarter.
  • Tours should be on a weekend morning, perhaps 9am to noon.
  • For Insurance Purposes:
    • Shop tours must be formally recognized by the Guild in advance, scheduled, and a record (such as announcement post & email) generated.
    • Host and Participants must be HCWG members, and immediate family.
      Non-members are not eligible to participate.
    • The Guild Workshop Policy applies in broad terms where appropriate.  Such as but not limited to:  power tool operation or any activity that would normally require PPE is prohibited during the tour.
  • Participants may arrive and leave at any time during the tour window.
  • The guild will reimburse the host $25 for the purchase of light refreshments on the day of the tour.
    The host must submit a receipt(s) using the Guild’s online expense reimbursement form: 
  • Tour emphasis should be on shop layout, types of tools, approach to organization and storage, unique approaches to common problems, management of dust, etc.
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