The Guild website is divided into two kinds of content; information we freely share with the public without requiring Guild membership or a login, and the second category is information for members only, such as personal contact information – which we carefully protect.

This page provides guidance for members in how to log onto the web site.  If you are not able to find the information you seek here, please use our Contact Us to ask a question.  We’ll put the answer here and let you know when it’s ready.

Web Login Menu OptionsIn the nearby image, we are showing the “Top:” menu.  Notice the  A ,  B  and  C  marks.

Option  A  Username and Password
Click the  A  Login option to use the traditional Username and Password form.
You must know your correct username and password.

What if you don’t know your username or password!
If you do not know it and want it from the webmaster .

You can also use your email address as described in Option B, next.

Option  B  Login with Email.
Click the  B  Login with Email menu option.
This option requires you to use the same email address that we have on file for you.  You can enter your username, and the option fetches the email address we have on file.
The selection will result in a single use link being sent to the email address’s inbox.
The single use link expires after 10 minutes.
Click the link in the email to login.

Option  C  Password Reset
Use the  C  Password Reset button to access the reset password feature.
If you are not logged on, a password reset request will be generated.
If you are already logged in such as with Login by Email, this page also enables you to change your password.
Visit the page for information and instructions.

Report a Problem: please use the to report a problem.