The Howard County Woodworkers Guild, Incorporated, is a plain nonstock Maryland corporation.  We are. not a non-profit entity and have not applied for non-profit status with the US Internal Revenue Service.  We collect dues and accept donations to cover our expenses, and do not seek business profits.  In accordance with Maryland law, we will never issue capital stock.

The Guild’s Executive Board of Directors facilitate day-to-day operations. Please review the Guild Bylaws for more information about or organization, governance, officers, and operations.  View these details on our Executive Board of Directors and Committees homepage.  View our Maryland incorporation details here, as transcribed from the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

In accordance with the Guild’s Bylaws, each current member (defined by membership rules) is an equal share owner, thus establishing a mutual interest for its members.  Also, by Maryland law and financial beneficial ownership statements (such as to banks or payment processors) no single entity owns more than a 25 percent interest in the corporation.