The Education Program Committee is pleased to announce two new initiatives – the Mentor Program, and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program.  New members will be contacted by the Education Program Committee to give them information about the Guild and identify areas of interest.  If interested, a new member may choose a Mentor and/or an SME to help them.  In addition, any current member seeking guidance may avail themselves of a Mentor or an SME.

What is a Mentor? What is an SME?
The Mentor Program was initially inspired to facilitate and guide members new to woodworking, but is also useful to anyone seeking ongoing guidance in their quest to learn more about our craft.  The Mentor and the member together will map out a plan for the member to develop the identified skills.  The member and the Mentor will periodically review the progress of the member and make adjustments.  Skills will be learned through a combination of shop one-on-one sessions, Internet classes, reading articles or books, and observation in the shop, or additional guidance from an SME.

Sample Mentor Skill Areas: Flatwork, Turning, Carving, Finishing, Logging and Milling.

An SME is an individual who wishes to share his or her expertise in a particular area or areas in woodworking.  The SME would typically be contacted by a member on an as needed basis, in contrast to a Mentor who would have an ongoing relationship with a member for some period of time.  SME’s will be for the benefit of any member, new or old, who would like to acquire a new skill or to seek guidance.

Sample SME Skill Areas: Bowl Turning, Pen Turning, Inlay, Marquetry, Intarsia, Jig Design, Sharpening, Joinery, Furniture, Milk Paint Finishing, and more.

…for EXISTING members… Existing members at any time, are free to use either Mentors or SMEs.