The Guild works periodically with the Howard County Conservancy (HCC) to accomplish its mission of connecting people to nature.  This relationship is part of the Guild’s community service program.

Click here to visit the HCC’s website. Or here for their Contact HCC page.

Guild Member Volunteers:

Below, you will see a few pictures from Guild activities with HCC.

This bench was created and donated by members of the Howard County Woodworkers Guild to the HoCo Conservancy in Mary 2017. The bench was made from the heritage English Elm at Belmont Manor Howard County Maryland, felled in July 2015 due to Dutch Elm Disease, and from walnut harvested from Sykesville Maryland.

HCC Bench at Mt. Pleasant

These pens are part of a package created from a large Red Cedar formerly located where new Welcome Center construction was planned. The tree was harvested and some of the wood used to make the pens pictured by Guild members. These pens will be awarded to retiring HCC board members as appropriate.