The operations of the Guild are provided by the Executive Board of Directors, which consists of elected and appointed positions.

The Executive Board described in our Bylaws consists of four elected positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), plus the Shop Coordinator, the Newsletter Editor, and two standing committees (the Membership and Presentation Committees).  Other ad hoc member advisors may be recognized as the situation at the time may dictate.  

Only the Executive Board has voting powers.  All members have a voice.  The Executive Board members are officers of the Corporation.

Board of Directors and Committees
Elected (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
President1,3 Mike Haigwood
Re-elected 9/10/2022
Vice President1,3 Mike Heavner
Elected 9/11/2021

Mark Fradkin
Elected 9/10/2022
Secretary1,3 Keith Frampton
Elected 9/10/2022
Elected Officers Archive
Guild Officers Archive


9/12/2020 – 9/10/2022

Mike Haigwood

9/2012 – 9/2020

Rick Munzer

Vice President

9/2019 – 9/2021

Joel LaFerriere

9/2017 – 9/2019

Tim Jackson


9/12/2020 – 9/10/2022

Greg Knoll

9/8/2018 – 9/12/2020

Greg Knoll


David Hickson

201? – 2016

Nita Ratdke


201? to Sept 2022

Manny Flecker

20?? to 201?

Charles (Bud) Nuessle

Appointed Members (Shop Coordinator, Webmaster)
Shop Coordinator2,3
Ron Lambert
Newsletter Editor
Financial Services Backup
avatar Gene Torrey
Appointed Committee Chairs
Membership Committee2,3
Facilitates guild membership program.
avatar Gene Torrey
Presentations Committee2,3

Manages the monthly meeting presentations, formats, arranges presenters.


Kathy Paez

Recognized Advisors
Education Programs2
Coordinates special programs and seminars.  Puts together information for the how-to manual and coordinates classes.  Greets new members.
Joel LaFerriere
Annually identifies significant contributors in four service categories.
avatar Jack Spencer
Helps members and the community at large with the reuse, redistribution, or disposition of woodworking assets.
Matt Radtke
Coordinates setting up a booth at shows and fairs.
avatar Vacant
Facilitates the Guild’s use of various information, audio and video technologies.
avatar Randy Dalnekoff

Guild Business Financial Condition Chair4
Special two-month (July. & August 2022) team to examine the Guild’s financial health, recommend changes, and report same to the Executive Board of Directors.

Mark Fradkin
1 – Elected position
2 – Appointed Position
3 – Executive Board, Voting Position
4 – Ad hoc Advisor or other special appointment

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