Dues:  $45 Year (effective with FY2022-2023 budget)

Dues are $45.00 for the fiscal year, which starts 1 July and runs through 30 June.

New Member dues are prorate discounted $3.75 per month, rounded to the nearest dollar, from their effective start date in whole months through the end of the fiscal year.  See our schedule Fiscal Year .

Renewing Members membership renewal begins during the May monthly meeting and is due by 30 June.  We allow a grace period to the end of the monthly meeting in July.

We make announcements by email and verbally at the meeting to remind members it’s time to renew.  This means it is important to keep your email address we have on file up to date.

Late Fee – as of FY2016-2017 the Board of Directors approved a one time per FY late fee of $5.  The late fee accrues after the monthly meeting in July ends, giving members time to renew during the meeting.

Member Dues Payment –

The Treasurer or Membership Chair will collect and record all dues payments.
It is unwise to give your dues payment to anyone else.  It is equally unwise to pay with cash to anyone.
If you do pay with cash, please print your Checkout Receipt from our Membership Store and use it to hand your cash to the Treasurer or the Workshop Monitor on duty at Bain Center..

Membership cards are printed in batches of 10, and delivered to the workshop at Bain Center.  The workshop monitor has access to our online membership list to verify your membership.