Special Notice for FY2020-2021

Due to the COVID Pandemic, the Board in March 2020 suspended membership renewal until further notice.  On October 16th, 2020 the Board restarted the current fiscal year membership renewal, and discounted the exiting member dues $10 for a new, this current year only, dues amount of $25.  A graduated scale was similarly applied to new members.

FY2020-2021 Dues Amount is Regular dues $35 minus COVID Discount $10 = Total $25.
FY2020-2021 Late Fee accrues at 12PM on 5 February 2021 (or after the February monthly meeting, whichever is later). Late Fee waived by the Board on 20 January 2021.

New Members, please refer to the Prorated Dues Schedule.

The FY2021-2022 membership year has not yet been finalized.  Our financial position, the state of the pandemic, and Maryland and Howard County restrictions for in-person meetings are all factors in deciding what the dues might be and whether to collect or waive for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.


Dues are $35.00 for the fiscal year, which starts 1 July and runs through 30 June.

New Member dues are prorate discounted $3 per month from their effective start date in whole months through the end of the fiscal year.  See our schedule Fiscal Year Prorated Dues Schedule.

Renewing Members membership renewal begins during the May monthly meeting and is due by 30 June.  We allow a grace period to the first monthly meeting in July.

We make announcements by email and verbally at the meeting to remind members it’s time to renew.  This means it is important to keep your email address we have on file up to date.

Late Fee – as of FY2016-2017 the Board of Directors approved a one time per FY late fee of $5.  The late fee accrues after the first monthly meeting in July ends, giving members time to renew during the meeting. Waived for FY2020-2021.

The Membership Chairman and the Treasurer are the only Guild Officers empowered to handle membership moneys.

Member Dues Payment –

The Membership Chair, currently Gene Torrey, will collect and record all dues payments.

It is unwise to give your dues payment to anyone else.  It is equally unwise to pay with cash to anyone.

If you do pay with cash, please only pay with cash to Gene Torrey.

  • By Credit Card Online, see button below, or
  • By Personal Check
Since we are not meeting in person and our workshop is closed until further notice, we are not printing membership cards.  When we have made a decision on this point we will notify you.

FY2020-2021 Important Dates:

  • 1 Dec 2020 to 31 Jan 2021 – Renewal Campaign
  • 1 Feb 2021 – Late Fee of $5 applied to current member’s accounts who have not yet renewed. The late fee was waived by the Board on 20 January 2021.
  • PENDING Decision: 1 May 2021 to 30 June 2021 – FY2021-2022 Membership Renewal Begins
Thank you for your patience as we deal with the Corona virus pandemic.



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