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Belmont Manor is a historically significant place in north american English history.  The Guild’s involvement began in the summer of 2015 when HoCo Recreation and Parks engaged us to help preserve the historical and cultural significance of a towering 95 foot English Elm planted in the mid 1700s as a seedling that had succumbed to Dutch Elm disease and was felled on 27 July of that same year.  Through the Guild’s participation, handmade artifacts were produced and returned to the county.  We continue to remain involved in the evolution of the recovered elm wood.

Please contact a member of the Committee for further information or to participate.

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Guild Committee:
Gene Torrey, chairperson;
George Adams, co-chair;
Carl Hudson, co-chair and Belmont Woods Lane resident.

Guild Member Participants:
Bob Iseman (now deceased), Jerry Simpson, Tim Jackson, Rick Munzer, David Hickson
County Recreation and Parks Department personnel:
Tim Overstreet, Chris Tolson, Catherine Allen