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2020-12-05 December 2020 Monthly Meeting Minutes — 3 Comments

  1. Comments about Announcements:

    10:14:02 From Alecia Sweat : live edge is great for pyrography as well

    10:15:42 From JP (Jean-Paul) : if you want to try a hand tool method buy a cheap Home Depot (Buck Brothers) hand plane and put an extreme curve on the blade to make a really cheap ‘scrub’ plane and you can get hand smoothed surfaces and a workout.

    10:26:01 From Henry Taylor : Thanks Gene for your stewardship!!

    10:34:36 From Bob Rohwer to Gene Torrey (Privately) : Would the Jointer/Planer just described be an upgrade to the Guild Shop tools?

    Participating in the Woodworking Shows of Baltimore

    10:28:22 From Henry Taylor : Board made a totally wise decision-making! (physician working for Carroll and Cecil County Health Departments)

    Dues Renewals – brand new online payment option

    10:24:13 From Randy D. : Gene – What is the preferred method of payment?

    10:29:07 From Gene Torrey to Randy D. (Privately) : Credit Card is quick, easy, reliable, with full record retention all the way.

    The Repurpose Committee formalized as a Board-level committee — Matt as Chair

    10:31:42 From Keith Frampton : Matt, thanks for taking that on.

    10:32:27 From Jack Spencer : +1 – Thanks Matt for taking this on. 

    10:33:44 From Mike Heavner, VP : Great job Matt for the past and for continuing to provide this service to the Guild.  Mant Thanks!

    10:34:48 From mattradtke : thanks everyone. I’m thinking of having a massive guild driveway sale once this pandemic is over. Hopefully springtime.

    The Recognition Committee proposal by Greg 

    10:35:55 From Jack Spencer : Greg – I can help with the Recognition Committee. At least for the nomination process.

    What’s On Your Bench Questions

    10:42:58 From David Hickson : Jack (ed: Nesbitt), are you concerned with period accuracy?  If not, I would recommend epoxy, which is also a great gap filler.

    Where to get a slab of walnut question

    10:45:15 From Henry Taylor : How long?

    10:47:07 From Richard Jones : Stevo’s Reclaimed has some slabs too. I buy a lot of his dried $50 dollar box deals, but he has much larger stuff

    10:48:37 From Bob Rohwer :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Try Exotic Lumber on Whitehall Rd just before the Bay bridge.  

    10:50:10 From Randy D. : Frederick Lumber Company also has some nice hardwoods                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    10:59:22 From Charlie Goedeke : FreeState Timbers in Timonium is another great source for interesting wood.

    Mike H2 Announcements – Toys for Tots, Baltimore Sun article about Ron Clements

    10:52:53 From Gene Torrey to David Hickson (Privately) :

    10:54:36 From Gene Torrey to David Hickson (Privately) :

    10:59:05 From Keith Frampton : Gene are you posting the article about Ron Clemmens on the HCWG site?  If not I would like the link. 

    Beads of Courage question to Rich Ellery

    10:58:13 From Ken Brawn : how long will you be collecting boxes?

    Chat Comments

    11:00:06 From Mark Whipple : I have a 100 year old pool table that is 9′ long and I need to remove it from my work area. 2″ thick by 9′ and I will donate it to any member needing some large scale wood. Call me at 410-707-5080 cell. I can deliver in my van as well.

    11:02:41 From Gene Torrey to Mark Whipple (Privately) : submit as an ad on the website Mark!

    11:02:55 From Mark Whipple to Gene Torrey (Privately) : ok. I will.

    11:03:00 From JP (Jean-Paul) : Does anyone know a good place to buy some 1×6 dimensional outdoor wood for ground contact (I don’t want pressure treated as it will be around bees). I am looking for something like black locust or Ipe. The max length I will need is only 20″ so i could off cuts form a cabinet shop or dumpster trash from a decking company would actually work. 

    11:08:23 From Gene Torrey to JP (Jean-Paul) (Privately) : This is also a good question to post out via the web site, and then I send it along in the eNewsletter.

    John Linz Celtic Knot Presentation 

    10:33:41 From Gene Torrey to John Linz (Privately) : Good morning John.  Welcome.

    11:36:59 From Randy D. : Beautiful Job!

    11:37:53 From Jack Spencer : Great design and execution! For JP – I wonder if Tung Oil is food safe? 

    11:38:54 From Gene Torrey to JP (Jean-Paul) (Privately) : did you just see Jack’s question?

    11:38:56 From JP (Jean-Paul) : the sliver of left over wood is brilliant it would have saved me many a frustrating hour with clamps on other projects. i never thought of that.. 

    11:39:44 From Gene Torrey : Jack, FDA says almost all finishes are food safe as long as they are fully gased off.  Tung probably.

    11:40:26 From Ken Brawn : no need to finish the inside, traditionally they’re not finished

    11:40:42 From Jack Spencer : I I think I have read that. I didn’t know Tung Oil was a vegetable product. I assume no allergy problems then. 

    11:41:05 From Gene Torrey : yeah, I never finish the inside of my pepper mill projects.

    11:41:24 From Randy D. : Bravo John!

    11:41:30 From Jack Spencer : I’m not thinking about mills specifically – thinking more generally about bowls, wood whiskey tumblers, etc. 

    11:41:48 From JP (Jean-Paul) : will you get cracking from drying variations with only one side finished or are the walls thin enough?

    11:42:01 From Ravi Khanna : Really good presentation..Thanks for sharing!

    11:42:06 From Keith Frampton : Very nice presentation John.  Very good pictures and graphics.  Thanks.

    11:42:18 From Gene Torrey : would have to ask a chemist if there are any BPA components in things like epoxy or petroleum oil finish.

    11:42:18 From Mike H2, VP : Beautiful craftsmanship and a great demonstration John!!  Thanks!!

    11:42:30 From Manny Flecker – Treasurer : This is a great presentation!  Any possibility that it can be transferred to CD for our library? – Manny

    11:42:49 From Bob Rohwer : Thank you for a wonderfully clear presentation.

    11:42:53 From Gene Torrey : is recording and will be posted on the agenda as minutes.

    11:43:05 From mattradtke : Very clear demo.

    11:43:38 From JP (Jean-Paul) : It might also be interesting to do ‘random’ angle slices and random woods to get crazy loops.

    11:47:35 From Gene Torrey : Coming from you Matt, that’s a powerful compliment to John.

    11:47:46 From Kevin Schwartz : John   Very Nice,  Do you sell any of these mills. I am looking for a nice Christmas gift.

    11:53:14 From JP (Jean-Paul) : very cool pin

    11:54:06 From Manny Flecker – Treasurer : Some pin!!  Great work, Tom.  Manny

    11:55:35 From Jack Spencer : Great meeting all! Thanks!

    11:56:45 From Kevin Schwartz : Thanks John, nice work.

    11:56:46 From Manny Flecker – Treasurer : Thanks all – good mmeting. – Manny

    11:56:51 From JP (Jean-Paul) : thanks!


  2. Hi Norm
    I wondered if the wording for that link in Demonstrations was awkward. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.
    I’ve reworded it.

    For John Lenz’ demonstration, we have not yet received any images or narrative to offer as a preview. So, we’ll have to wait until after the session tomorrow.

  3. I was trying to see the DEMO PIC of the 12/05 meeting, for the Celtic Knot Pepper Mill”, but when I click the “Demonstration” link, I seem to be in a loop. What am I missing so I can see the graphic?  Thanks, Norm

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