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2022-07-09 July 2022 Monthly Meeting and Minutes — 1 Comment

  1. The following timeline is the Chat session recorded during the meeting.

    During Treasurer’s Report, Gene as acting treasurer, thanked Manny for his three terms and one year of service to the guild.

    10:22:09 From docsp to Everyone:

    Same here.  Thanks Manny!

    During Announcements, Gene reported on the Picnic as a Go on September 21, 2022.

    10:43:10 From Tom Rollins to Everyone:

    Unfortunately, I already have been let know that I must attend a wedding on Sept. 17th and will have to miss our picnic and wood sale.

    Also during Announcements, Rich Ellery reported a free “you-cut-and-haul” wood opportunity.

    11:04:39 From docsp to Everyone:

    Regarding mills – Joshua Kokinda has a portable bandsaw mill. He’s a nice guy and does good work. If memory serves, his rates are reasonable.

    Also during Announcements, Mike Heavner, VP, reminded members of the Howard County Fair.

    11:29:28 From Mike Heavner to Everyone:

    Howard County Fair – August 6 thru 13, 2022

    Each year the HCWG participates in the Woodworking Displays in the Home Arts Building.  We encourage all to submit your handmade wood craft items for the judging.  Items must be submitted between July 27th and 28th from 5 to 8pm & on Fri/July 29th from 3 to 8pm.

    During the Presentation segment of the meeting, Following Gene’s Fireplace Mantel presentation and Jack’s Curved Accent Laminated Tray presentation:

    11:40:23 From Steve Hedges to Everyone:

    Thanks Gene!  Well done, documented and explained.

    11:41:00 From docsp to Everyone:

    Nice presentation Gene

    11:51:58 From Gene’s Monitor to Everyone:

    Jack, I have a 16″ planer, and a 16″ drum sander, and the shop has an 18″ drum sander.

    11:59:04 From Mike Heavner to Everyone:

    Nice demos Gene and Jack.   Thanks for sharing those!


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