About the Event:

The HCWG sponsors and staffs a booth each year at “The Woodworking Shows in Baltimore” annual event in January.  This activity promotes woodworking in our community and highlights the Guild’s membership and talents.

Please consider supporting the Guild’s activities by providing one or more items you’ve made and volunteer to staff the booth for part of the show. 

January 6th, 7th, and 8th; Friday 12-6; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-3

About the Event The 2017 Scheduled Volunteers The 2017 Floor Plan

Guild Coordinator:

This year (2017) the Guild’s coordinator will be Gene Torrey (view Gene’s profile).

Booth Presentation Improvements:

Last year we did not have the visual appeal as some of our regional club equivalents.  WE CAN DO BETTER.   Here are two things that are needed:

The LATHE Chip Shield is in terrible shape.  A new one is warranted with better and complete hardware.  Can’t our workshop crew come up with a rebuild or replacement?

Dust in our area was a particular problem not as evident in other guild demonstration areas.  Their chip shields reduced the flow considerably due to their encompassing design, or they had a vacuum system – which had to be quit so as not to detract.  An acoustic enclosure for a shop vac would be great.

Promote the Guild & Woodworking:

There are several ways you can promote the Guild and woodworking at the show.

  • Volunteer to help with setup/tear down, exhibition, demonstration, or show your work.
  • See the Table Below for current status, and use Volunteer Form to sign up.
  1. Setup is Friday from 830AM-12PM, the show is open from 12-6, so the earlier we start the better.  Setting up Thursday night is also available if there are Guild staff able to do that afternoon as well.
    1. The electric outlet provided in your booths will only have one plug-in; you will need to bring a splitter, power strip bars, extension cords, etc.
    2. There will be two tables and four chairs provided by the Show Promoter.  If more are needed, the Guild must bring them.
  2. Tear down is Sunday no sooner than 4PM.
  3. Show Access:
    Guild members who are working their assigned shift get free show access.
    All others, and members visiting outside their shift, must pay for admission; $12 at the door, or buy online for $10.
    All workers will need to check in at the Information Booth at the main entrance, prior to going to the booth. Be prepared to show your Guild membership badge if requested.  Guild member names will be checked against the roster that the Guild Coordinator provides in advance.
    Spouses and family members will be required to purchase entry tickets.
    Members visiting outside their work times will be required to purchase entry tickets.
  4. Show Your Work:
    1. Exhibition – two persons are needed to man the booth, grow new membership by promoting the Guild and our activities, and hand out Guild fliers or membership forms.
    2. Project Showcase: In addition to showing your items in our booth, there is also the Event “Project Showcase”.  This is a judged event with prize recognition for best of class.  Read more about it including judging divisions, categories and schedule HERE on the show promoter’s web site.  Use the Project Showcase Submission form to register.
    3. Demonstration – Bowl and pen turning are very popular, as are other quick projects.  Do you want to demonstrate bandsaw or scroll saw projects?
      Also, a Presenter would be very useful to assist the demonstrator.  This way while the Demonstrator is focused on turning, the Presenter can explain what is going on.
    4. Booth Exhibits – It is important to show of the Guild and our broad interested through our finished craft.  Look at all the ribbons owns at HoCo Fair in August.
      1. Bring your finished items to the December meeting if you’re not able to make the show,
      2. Better yet to the show on Friday before 3PM.
      3. Pickup your items after the show on Sunday at 3PM.
      4. Include notes about your items so the volunteers can talk about your project.

Date / Time Activity People
830AM to 9AM
Pickup at Bain Center
Caravan to Fairgrounds
Gene, Ron Lambert, Dan Messina, Ron Clements
10AM to 12PM Setup Gene, Ron Lambert, Dan Messina, Tim Jackson, Jack Heiss,
12PM to 3PM Shift 1 Booth:
Ron Lambert, Dan Messina, Steve Dunbar
Demo: Tim Jackson, Gene Torrey, Joel LaFerriere
3PM to 6 PM Shift 2 Booth: Len Sirota, Joseph Tannir, Mark Fradkin
Demo: Tim Jackson, Gene Torrey
10AM to 2PM
Shift 1 Booth: Dan Messina, Dave Stivers, Francis Richards
Demo: Tim Jackson, Gene Torrey
2PM to 6PM Shift 2 Booth: Ed Fischer, HELP NEEDED
Demo: Tim Jackson, Gene Torrey, Manny Flecker
10AM to 1PM
Shift 1 Booth:
Dave Forester, Dan Messina, George Adams
Demo: Tim Jackson, Manny Flecker, HELP NEEDED
1PM to 3PM Shift 2 and tear down Booth: Ron Lambert, Gene Torrey, Ron Clements, Jack Heiss
Demo: Tim Jackson, Manny Flecker
Tear Down:
Ron Lambert, Dan Messina, Gene Torrey, Ron Clements, Jack Heiss


Tim Jackson, Manny Flecker, Gene Torrey – Turning – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (continuously)

Matt Radtke – Sharpening Bowl and Spindle Gouges – Saturday 10-2.

Gene Torrey – Beal Polishing System – Friday, Saturday & Sunday (occasionally)

Joel LaFerriere – Making a Marquetry Fan – Friday 12-3.

Ed Keath – Benches, Carnauba Wax Finishing – Friday, Saturday and Sunday (continuously)

Floor Plan – 3-Booth Layout