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2023-03-04 March Monthly Meeting & Minutes — 6 Comments

  1. Card Scrapers – Mark Fradkin

    PDF Copy of Mark's Specifications

    Equipment and Tools Required-

    Sturdy workbench with a vice attached.
    8” mill file; 1000 grit diamond or water sharpening stone, water spray bottle & rag
    Burnishing tool


    • Place the scraper to be sharpened in the vice long side parallel to the bench top with 1-2 inches projecting up from the top of the vice.
    • Level and carefully square the top and sides edges that are face up.
    • Take the scraper to the stone to refine the edge. Be sure you have produced a smooth and square edge. Work all 3 edges on the stone.
    • Put the scraper back into the vice as before.
    • Draw the burnishing tool along the top edge of the scraper 4-6 times with the shaft of the tool parallel to the bench top. Do this step by pressing firmly downward on the thin edge to compress the metal edge.
    • Next, firmly draw the burnisher at a 2-3 degree angle along the top corners lengthwise of the scraper again about 4-6 times each side. You will be pressing downward, but this time at a slight angle.
    • The goal of this process is to create a small sharp but sturdy burr that will produce very thin shavings when used on a flat piece of hardwood.
    • Test. Using a piece of hardwood that has been planed, hold the scraper at such an angle to engage the burr in the wood surface and push the tool forward to produce shavings.
    • If your card scraper only produces dust, you will need to burnish the edges again as described above. In some cases, you may need to start from the beginning with the file.


    Several Online Sources for Quality Tools-

    • Lee Valley/Veritas- very good quality tools at a good value
    • Tools for Working Wood – quality tools at a range of prices
    • Highland Woodworking– quality tools at a range of prices
    • Lie-Nielson Toolworks–  excellent tools and a bit pricey
  2. Knives – Brian Graham

    Sharpening knives and gouges with paper wheel can be done in 15 minutes and will work fine for me as well. I will talk about the grinder needed, the wheels themself, how to approach the wheel, and how to recoat and dress the wheel. I will be self-contained with a grinder on a stand and a small work table and all the proper props. 

    Info about Brian’s sharpening supplies, here Razor Sharp Edgemaking Systems.

     Razor Sharp Edgemaking System Instructions PDF 

  3. Chisels – Fred Schock

    Supplies and links: (most on table)


    Online Reading:

  4. Spokeshave, diamond plates and water stones, leather strop – Joel LaFerriere

    Norton Water Stone Kit
    Item # 87943
    8” by 3”

    The diamond plates are three thin diamond plates from Amazon

    1. Thin Diamond Plate Polishing Tool Diamond Square Grinding Knife Tool Sharpening Stones Whetstone Knife Tool (240, 600 , 3000 Grit)

    Brand: Oumefar

    2. Hutsuls Brown Leather Strop with Compound – Get Razor-Sharp Edges with Stropping Kit, Green Honing Compound & Vegetable Tanned Two Sided Leather Strop Knife Sharpener Step-by-Step Guide Included
    Visit the Hutsuls Store
    I use strait water for the water stones . For the diamond plates you could also use crud cutter or simple green mixed 50/50 with water

    Visit the Hutsuls Store

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