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Wanted: Craftsman Motor 33F4 or Source — 7 Comments

  1. I would like to thank all members responding to my request for a Craftsman 33F4 motor replacement. An error on my part was not identifying that the motor sought was a direct drive, not a belt drive which did not occur to me. The repair shops were not able to help. Thanks again I do appreciate the response.

    • Manny,

      If your motor is a gear drive (not belt drive) I would be interested. I am not sure if there is enough space to make modification in my table.


  2. Jack:

    Last March (3/2020) I had a problem with my 3 HP Baldor Motor that powered my Powermatic 66 Table saw.  I looked around and found a service company located in Frederick, Md.  Roberts Electric Motors  performed a great repair on the 28 year old motor.  The cost for the repair was reasonable, and no where near that for a new Baldor motor.

    When I talked to the manager and service tech. they seemed to know a great deal and how to find parts.

    You may want to contact them and see if there is some cross-over from the Chraftsman # and the company that really makes the motor and gear set.

    Robert Electric Motors INC. 4507 Metropolitan Court St G

    Frederick, Md 21704

    Also 210 Maple Ave, Boonsboro, Md 21713   301-663-5757  or 800 537-9038



    a them, they seemed to know a The service company did a great job servicing

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