Help Wanted: How to dry fresh cut tree trunks for turning — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Paul,  I think we may have a number of good answers for you to check out.

    Cutting a live or freshly fallen tree into woodworker pieces – if you are doing this yourself, please always wear all recommended safety gear – head protection, face shield and ear muffs.  Gloves, ballistic chaps for your legs and steel toed boots.

    Check this article for cuts for turners – How To: Live Tree Chain Saw Cut Plan for Turners.

    Any green wet wood should be end sealed within the first hour or too. From spring to late fall, sooner the better.  We like Anchor Seal – use the Members Who’s Who to get Matt Radtke’s contact info.  He has a 50 gallon drum and sells it cheaper than you can get it anywhere else.

    Finally, for boards, the Guild has a relationship with Timberline Farms Sawmill in Sykesville.  Arnold is an honorary member of the Guild.  He provides current members with a discount and plenty of good advice.  Click HERE to view his information.

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