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  1. The riser block kit came in just four days from North Carolina.  The fit was equal to OEM.  The riser block was matte black while the stock frame is semi gloss.

    The kit arrived with 100% of all parts, and no instructions.  However, I found the saw assembly intuitive and easy to perform by myself.

    One very nice improvement was the fixed blade guard on the left side spanning from lower to upper housing.  The stock unit was plasic and was warped when new.  The replacement unit was aluminum and perfect fit.

    I needed to make just two adjustments.

    1.  The upper frame was out of alignment when new.  It tilted back equal to .006″ shim along the back edge. The same mod was needed with the added riser block.

    2. The blade guard mounted on the upper guide impacts the upper housing where the house starts to curve inward.  I had two choices, cut the guard and leave two inches of blade exposed when the guide was fully lowered, or cut a slot out of the top housing cover to allow the blade guard to project straight up through the house cover when the guide is fully raised.

    It took about two hours to assemble. The price of the riser block was well worth the investment and much improved capacity. I now have 12.5″ vertical by 14″ horizontal.

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