August 2020 Virtual Meeting Recap (Feedback) — 6 Comments

  1. Thought the format worked well and learned a lot.  Would stick with virtual meetings for now but miss exchanging stuff and seeing people in person. 

    Jack Nesbitt

  2. Gene,

    I thought the Zoom meeting went extremely well. Below are a couple of my thoughts:

    – the business part of the meeting seemed a little long, but was necessary since we have not met for a considerable period. The overall length of the meeting seemed about right. At our regular face-to-face meetings, we get a break to stretch and use facilities etc.

    – I thought the use of the camera for Joel’s talk was great. It was steady and aimed at what he was talking about. Too many times, the camera (be it a phone or pad) is jumpy or moving. What ever device Joel used, we should make sure that it is used for future meetings of this type.

    – I’d suggest that we have some guidelines around show and tell,e.g., length and topic. This is a good opportunity for SnT for items too large to physically bring to a meeting, but may encourage a member to show off a kitchen remodelling ad nauseum. Remote SnT opens up possibilities but we should think about how we want this to work.

    It was a very good meeting and I look forward to September.

    David Blois

  3. Overall I was very pleased with the meeting – Thanks! I am a late riser and usually don’t get up in time to attend monthly meetings.

    See my answers below, in red. (Editor’s Note: Steve’s responses to the survey were summarized in the pending Poll Report.)

    I suspect that the high of 75 connections was partly due to some members disconnecting and re-connecting, either by mistake or to try to reset something.

    Steve Hedges

  4. Hi Gene,

    I’m afraid I missed the meeting Saturday morning due to another commitment. I really enjoyed watching Joel’s presentation on YouTube, so thanks very much for that. Is there any information posted about the officer candidates? Will the voting take place during the September meeting?

    Also, just as an FYI, I talked with Joel last month and agreed to take over the door prize management, if/when we ever meet in person again.

    Take care,
    Ken Brawn

    • Hi Ken, about the nominees, yes, we will be publishing a web site post with these information.  The subject will be Nomination Committee Report.  Look for it in the headlines area of the homepage.  Voting will be held by an email ballot sent right after the Monthly Meeting, September 12th.  Voting will close 24 hours later.  Ballots tabulated the next day, Monday and the results announced to all members by email and web site post.

  5. Hi Gene,

    I thought the meeting went very well – it could be my expectations were low 🙂
    The technical issues were minimal and overall, I could probably see and here better than I have during the in-person meetings. I did miss the socializing, and good deals from the back table, but overall it was very successful. Thanks for coordinating it.

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