Wanted: I am looking for information about other publicly accessible wood shops in Laurel — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Al.  I know the industrial park so I will check on it.  I was looking for a place that had better equipment than what I have in my garage that I can use on the weekends.  Thanks again.  Bill

  2. Bill

    There are two places in the Laurel Area that come to mind, but, but the info is old and may not be valid anymore.

    There was a place on Cherry Lane in Laurel where you could use their shop by the hour.

    Directions are South on Route 1 and a left at Cherry Lane (Laurel Town Center) and it is in the first or second industrial park on the right.

    Of course if you are coming north it is on it is a right on Cherry Lane.

    The other is a cabinet shop on route one across from Car Max. They used do some custom milling for woodworkers, but not sure if they are still there or if they would allow you to use their tools

    Hope this helps…Al


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