Existing Member Renewal & Suspended Member Re-activation

Guild members. you’re in the right place.
You can use this page to renew or reactivate your membership online right now using an accepted credit card.
Please note our applicable policies listed at the bottom of this page.
A one time late fee of $5 accrues at 1PM of the monthly meeting day in July.


If you have any questions or problems with this page or your transaction, please Contact Membership Chair.

NOTICE 1 of 2: Members CURRENT in FY2020-2021 have been carried over to FY2021-2022 with no dues owed.  
Please do not pay.  If you do pay, it costs us processing fee to refund your credit card payment.  Please Contact Membership Chair to clarify if you have questions, or are not sure of your status.

NOTICE 2 of 2:  Suspended members are members who did not renew from December 2020 through March 2021, who did not attend virtual meetings or take advantage of any members-only benefits, who asked for Suspended status with the intention of reactivating when in-person activities resumed.  Your dues to reactivate are $25 (including the $10 COVID discount shown below).  Please pay using this form.

Cards Accepted MasterCard Visa Discover Diners JCB American Express

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Normal Dues:  $35.00
 Covid Discount:  -$10.00
Total:  $25.00


Note: On the credit card payment page, next, the Expiration Date is MMYY format, NOT 01/21

Please allow one business day for us to manually update your profile page.  We will send you a confirmation email when done.