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Responsibilities of Members

Everyone using the shop is required to follow safety and maintenance instructions and general safety practices contained in the equipment manuals and Guild guidelines and shop policies, including those posted in the shop and those contained in the shop manuals. It is required that members who use the shop have the knowledge and experience to utilize safe practices and that they request assistance of the monitor when they do not have the necessary knowledge or skills. Members are also required to cooperate and work collegially with monitors and other Guild members and County Employees and Bain Center patrons. Failure to follow these policies may lead to revocation of shop privileges or Guild Membership.

Consequences for Members

In the rare case where a member fails to follow shop policies or safe practices, misuses or abuses shop equipment, fails to work cooperatively or to behave collegially, the following procedures shall be implemented by the shop monitor. Monitors are members and subject to the same consequences, implemented by the Shop Coordinator. Each of these actions shall be documented in the shop log book and reported to the Shop Coordinator, who shall inform the Board of significant issues.

  • 1. For the first offence, the monitor has the option to issue a warning. If the monitor decides the offense was serious, a warning is not required and the monitor should proceed with step 2, or 3.
  • 2. For serious or repeated offences, the monitor shall expel the member from the shop for the remainder of the day. If the member will not leave voluntarily, the Bain Center Staff shall be called on for backup. Alternately, the monitor may determine that the entire shop be closed down for the day. The Bain Center staff and the Shop Coordinator shall be informed of these actions by the monitor. The Shop Coordinator shall inform the Board.
  • 3. If an initial offense is egregious, or if a member offends again, either by repeating the same offense or performing some new action inconsistent with shop policies, the member shall be suspended from use of the shop for two weeks. This suspension does not affect other Guild activities. The Shop Coordinator shall be informed of the member’s status. The Shop Coordinator shall inform the Board.
  • 4. The Board may at any time require restitution of Guild funds expended to repair equipment abused by a member, or other Guild expenses caused by a member. In addition, or instead or restitution, the Board may revoke permission to use the shop or revoke Guild membership. Persons whose membership has been revoked are not eligible for dues refunds and may not participate in Guild activities as guests. Such persons may petition the Board to restore membership at the beginning of the next membership year, ordinarily the next July.


Responsibilities of Shop Monitors

Due to the responsibility a monitor assumes for the safety and well-being of members and equipment, failure of a monitor to follow, or require others to follow safe practices and shop policies is a serious matter. In addition to the responsibilities and consequences for members, a monitor must maintain and promote good relationships with other Guild members, Bain staff and Bain patrons.

Guild membership dues may be waived for monitors who have diligently performed their duties during the previous membership year. In the case where a monitor’s dues have been waived due to another service to the Guild, the waiver of dues may not be transferred to another membership year.

Daily Shop Monitor Activities

Effective 05-07-09, Incorporated into this document 10/1/11 with minimal changes.

  • 1. Enter the shop alone and lock the door. No one but the scheduled monitor of the day may open the shop or perform the initial setup. If the scheduled monitor does not show up, the shop may not open. Only the Shop Coordinator may appoint a substitute monitor. If the Shop Coordinator cannot be contacted to appoint a substitute, the shop will be closed for the day.
  • 2. No one may use the shop until the setup is complete. No one but the monitor may be in the shop before 9 am on any day.
  • 3. Note any issues that should be addressed to HCWG Board. Assure that those have been addressed. For example, if the previous monitor noted that a piece of equipment was not working, but did not write that the equipment had been tagged “Out of Service”, assure that it is appropriately tagged and document that in the shop Log.
  • 4. Visual Inspection and set up of the Shop. Report to Bain staff if the custodian has not cleaned appropriately. Set up the shop correctly if there is furniture out of place or the rolling equipment is not stored correctly. Check that the visitor’s log is available. Check that safety instructions are still posted and the manuals are available.

Inspection of equipment.

  • 1. Assure all safety equipment is in place. If it is not, replace it or mark the equipment “Out of Service”.
  • 2. Turn on each power tool and dust collectors to assure they sound and appear to be in good working order. Tag any equipment that is not working correctly. Enter any comments in the monitor’s shop log. For example, if the band saw is working well and the blade is worn but still safe and effective, note that it may need sharpening.
  • 3. Check the equipment maintenance log.
    • 1. If any equipment is due for maintenance on or before today, perform the maintenance or mark the equipment “Out of Service” until it can be completed.
    • 2. Make a note in the shop log book that the maintenance is required, or has been done. Also mark the maintenance log if maintenance was done, the date, by whom, and any remarks relevant to the maintenance.
  • 4. Invite members into the shop.
  • 5. Require that each signs the log book and check the box that says they will read, understand and follow the shop rules.
  • 6. Assure that each person has on file a waiver of liability form.
  • 7. Collect any dues for shop user fees (if approved by the Board).
  • 8. Orient new shop users. (Monitors to develop an orientation for new shop users)
  • 9. Monitor all shop users.
  • 10. Monitors may work on their own projects, but only when it does not interfere with their ability to carefully monitor the activities of members in the shop. Work on personal projects is discouraged when there are more than 4 other members in the shop, unless power tools are not being used.
  • 11. Monitors shall, to the best of their ability, watch when power tools are used to assure that safety precautions and techniques are utilized. Users who ignore safety instructions or shop rules shall be reminded and/or asked to leave the shop. If necessary, Bain Center staff shall be called to enforce the monitor’s request.
  • 12. If a shop user breaks or reports a defect in equipment, it shall be repaired before used again that day or taken out of service. Before the end of the day, record equipment issues with a remark in the shop log.
  • 13. The shop monitor directs activities in the shop, assures that all users have fair opportunities to use the equipment, mediates disagreements and attempts to maintain a collegial atmosphere. In the case of a shop user who disrupts the activities or collegial atmosphere of the shop, the monitor shall ask them to leave. If necessary, Bain Center staff shall be called to enforce the monitor’s request.

Close the shop.

  • 1. The shop shall close at the appointed time
  • 2. The monitor shall enlist the assistance of shop users to clean and tidy the shop and report any required maintenance.
  • 3. It is the monitors’ responsibility to make sure the dust collector hopper is emptied daily before closing the shop for the day.
  • 4. Before closing, the monitor shall make an entry in the shop log, reporting any issues or events, with any notes the next monitor or the Shop Coordinator should know. Sign and date the log. Assure that no one remains in the shop. Lock the shop.

Incident Reports

A written incident report, signed by the shop monitor and the individual(s) involved, and oral testimony if requested, shall be provided to the Shop Coordinator within 24 hours of any incident. Ordinarily, the report will be written by the monitor, but other individuals may also write incident reports. The report shall include:

  • 1. Date of the incident
  • 2. Name of the Shop Monitor, contact information
  • 3. Names of any other involved or interested persons including non-members and county employees with contact information
  • 4. Nature of the incident (e.g., failure to utilize safety equipment, damage to equipment, unsafe practice, belligerent or uncooperative behavior).
  • 5. Narrative describing the incident including any mitigating circumstances.
  • 6. Description of any actions taken by the monitor or involved persons following the incident.
  • 7. Signatures of shop monitor and other involved or interested persons.

The incident report shall be reviewed by the Shop Coordinator and forwarded promptly to all Board members. The Board shall investigate further, if necessary, to determine whether negligence was involved. The Board may charge involved persons with the cost of repairs or replacements. In addition, or alternately, the Board may ban involved persons from use of the shop for a limited or indefinite time. Persons who fail to pay the imposed charge shall be permanently banned from the shop.

  • 1. The Treasurer shall not reimburse members for purchase of shop equipment or repairs without the approval of the Shop Coordinator.
  • 2. Monitors shall sign a copy of the Daily Activities: I have read and will comply with the policies for shop monitors. Signed and Dated:NAME_____________________________________________________DATE_____________________________________________________


  • 1. Only members in good standing who possess the necessary skills and follow shop policies (see manuals) may work in the shop.
  • 2. The Guild will replace or repair equipment that is properly used and maintained when it malfunctions due to normal wear.
  • 3. Members shall pay for equipment when they are responsible for breakage or damage.
  • 4. Members who trip the SawStop Safety Cartridge will reimburse the Guild for replacement and/ or repair. Reimbursement by the guild will be contingent on outcome on the review of the Incident Report. Absent an Incident Report, reimbursement will not be made.
  • 5. IF YOU ARE USING THE SAW WHEN THE SAFETY CARTRIDGE TRIPS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR BEFORE CONTINUING TO WORK IN THE SHOP. If no member claims responsibility, the saw will be out of service until the Board reviews the incident to determine if it requires repair.


This document is part of the closed Executive Board Minutes unless it is determined by the Board to be public and attached to the regular board minutes.

Howard County Woodworkers Guild

5470 Ruth Keeton Way, Columbia Maryland 21044

 Phone: 410-313-7212

NAME OF MONITOR: ______________________________ DATE:_________________

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER and/or email: _______________________________________________

PERSON(S) INVOLVED: _______________________________________________________

NATURE OF INCIDENT (check all that apply):

  • 1. Damage to __________________________________equipment.
  • 2. Unsafe Practice
  • 3. Personal injury
  • 4. Belligerent, disruptive or uncooperative behavior
  • 5. Other
    Describe the Incident specifically as it happened (facts) including any actions before or following the incident. If necessary, use the back of this form or attach another sheet.


Describe your opinions as to the cause and recommend resolutions to the Board:

Signature & Date of Monitor:

Signature & Date of Member (s)



Summary of Board Discussions:


Recommended Actions, including who will do what and by when.