The Guild workshop is located at the Bain Center.

To gain workshop access, users MUST be active Guild members in good standing (have your membership badge with you, when new badges are printed you may be able to pick it up at the shop)), be at least 16 years old, AND the shop monitor for the day must be present at all times.

Read this important .

Call Bain Center’s Main Phone: 410-313-7213, to confirm the shop is open if you have a distance to drive.

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Shop Coordinator
As of 11 June 2021
Ron Lambert
Assistant Coordinator
As of 11 June 2021
avatar Frank Canastar
Assistant Coordinator
As of 11 June 2021
avatar Norm Williams
Monitor Tom Allen
Monitor Randy Dalnekoff
Monitor avatar Manny Flecker
Monitor Dave Kempner
Monitor Paul Mermelstein
Monitor BJ Noppinger

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