Dues are $35.00 for fiscal year, which starts 1 July and runs through 30 June.

New member dues are prorate discounted $3 per month from their effective start date in whole months through the end of the fiscal year.  See our schedule Fiscal Year Prorated Dues Schedule.

Membership renewal begins during the May monthly meeting and is due 30 June.  We allow a grace period to the first monthly meeting in July.

We make announcements by email and verbally at the meeting to remind members it’s time to renew.

As of FY2016-2017 the Board of Directors approved a late fee of $5 per month.

During the first year, 2016-2017, the late fee will start 6 August.
Thereafter, the late fee will begin to accrue immediately after the July monthly meeting and increase by $5 per month until paid, or the expired member withdraws from the Guild, or no longer participates in Guild activities.

The Membership Chairman and the Treasurer are the only Guild Officers empowered to handle membership moneys.

You can hand delivery to Gene or Manny at the monthly meeting, the workshop, or other Guild function.  You can also snail mail your dues payment to HCWG c/o Gene Torrey, 12121 Flowing Water Trail, Clarksville, MD 21029.