Guild Member’s GMG Wood Sale

Gene, Matt and George offer local woods for sale to Guild members at deeply discounted prices.  Some of these woods are donated to the Guild with the expectation that project items may be returned to the benefactor.

We finance this service out of pocket.  We recover our costs from the sale proceeds.  In some cases, we may make a cash donation to the Guild’s general treasury account.

The following Table provides our specie and description list, and current availability status.

Specie Per Bd Ft Status
Box Elder 2.00  
Cherry Boards 2.00  
Walnut Boards 4.00  
Walnut Bowl Blanks 8.00  
Walnut Slabs 6.00 Out of Stock
Cedar Boards 2.00  
Elm Boards 2.00  

If you have questions, please

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