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  • Jul $35 - COVID $10 = $25
    Aug $33 - COVID $9 = $24
    Sep $30 - COVID $7 = $23
    Oct $27 - COVID $6 = $22
    Nov $24 - COVID $3 = $21
    Dec $21 
    Jan $18
    Feb $15
    Mar $12
    Apr $9
    May - Jun $35 includes May & June,
    and the next FY
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    Please check the prorate table at right for the proper dues amount for the month you're joining.
    You may complete this form and print it from your computer, then include it with your check for the dues payment, see next paragraph.
    Or you can submit this form now, and pay your dues by check separately.
    Make checks payable to “HCWG”, in the amount shown in the prorate dues schedule, and
    snail mail to HCWG c/o Gene Torrey, 7670 Porcelain Tile Ct, Odenton, Md, 21113

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