This page provides visitors with the Guild’s Official Dues Prorate Schedule for partial year dues calculations for brand new members, or returning members who have not been active for more than one fiscal year.

The dues prorate is based upon the Guild membership dues, which are $35 for the full fiscal year beginning 1 July and expiring the following 30 June.  

If a new or returning member joins at a time other than 1 July the dues collected will be the sum of $3.00 for each remaining month of the fiscal

The table below provides an easy reference for dues to be paid on any given month.

Note that for a new or returning member joining in May and June, the prorate dues for those months are waived and the new member pays for the coming fiscal year.

Dues Prorate Schedule

From Amount
Jul $35 – COVID $10 = $25
Aug $33 – COVID $9 = $24
Sep $30 – COVID $7 = $23
Oct $27 – COVID $6 = $22
Nov $24 – COVID $3 = $21
Dec $21 
Jan $18
Feb $15
Mar $12
Apr $9
May – Jun $35 includes May & June,
and the next FY