The Guild Calendar records events of interest to the members.  Some are recurring and others entered as a single event, even if it happens every year but on a much different day date.

Tech Note: recurring events may be entered by the webmaster as a single data record but with a repeating schedule.

This page provides help to members in how to use the Calendar sidebar widget and full page.  If you are not able to get the help you need, please to ask it your way.  We’ll put the answer here and let you know when it’s ready.

 To view the full calendar page, locate Meeting on the main menu, then Events, then click Calendar.

The Calendar widget is shown on almost every page in the right sidebar.

Click the image to the right to see it full size.

The right sidebar Calendar widget provides clickable access to the current month events.

The color blocks below represent filters for event categories like Meetings, Demonstrations, and Workshop, among others.  Click one to see days with that event category.  In the second image you see the result of clicking the Meeting filter. It shows the meeting on the first Saturday of April, on the 7th.

You can also navigate forward or back through future or past months by clicking the left or right arrow on the top bar next to the name of the month displayed

When you click on the date with one or more events a new window called a light box appears with a list of all the events like the image to the right.

Click one of the items in the list to show more about that item.  The image in the next row is an example.

If only one event, then event details like this image appear.

When more than one event was in the list, navigation controls will also appear as circled.

This view shows the Monday through Friday schedule for the Workshop.

Below the Calendar widget I clicked the Workshop filter to show the days of the week for Workshops event. Click any day of interest to view event details.



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