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Help Wanted: Paid Commission Spindle Turning — 1 Comment

  1. I’m not capable of participating in this, but “not finding replacements on the open market” reminds me of a related experience I will share.
    Back in the early 8o’s I was personally remodeling the small kitchen in our (then) Catonsville townhouse. Taking down the wall cabinets that extended to the ceiling, I damaged some of the crown molding that covered space between cabinet tops and ceiling. This was a house built in 1954, in which I was working approximately 30 years later.
    Who would imagine that the particular crown molding pattern used in construction would ne “obsolete and out of production” so soon?
    I got a quote from several lumber yards that recreation of same would cost (at that time) well over $100 in labor time in the setting up and then taking down the particular combination of cutter heads to reproduce that pattern, on less than $30 of stock for the short linear footage that I needed.
    Needless to say, I dispensed with “1954 historical accuracy” and went with a less expensive “1980 modernist” look in molding.
    Henry Fitzer

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