Help Wanted: Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum — 5 Comments

  1. I would love to help, but I will be upfront I have ZERO experience with this and would be more of help. I don’t do this full time so it would be part time. If you feel I can be of any assistance I would love to help and hopefully LEARN A LOT.

    Manan Shah

  2. I stopped in at the museum, and after walking the displays i was able to say hello to Ed. He explained that many of their props are on loan from the baltimore museum and that he is interested in boxes, barrels, or furnituepre donations as well.  There may be a long relationship starting with these boxes.  I wonder if we could put a general call for old barrels in the guild.?

  3. Count me in.   I am new to the guild – had some spoons at the last meeting to show and tell…

    How can I help? I’m handy but not a high end wood worker.

    1. I have a small forge and anvil at home and could smith some nails or possibly some basic hinges (never made a hinge before). Are forged nails older than period… ?

    2. I dabble with leather working.

    • Thanks Gregory. From what I know right now, the boxes are not not high end, but more of packing or shipping boxes that they have around to simulate a items to loaded on the trains. I think the fun thing will be the detressing and antiquing of the boxes to make them look the period. I think the forged nails and hinges will work out nicely. Looking forward to talking with you at the meeting on Saturday. George

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