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  1. Special thanks to Travis for rising to the challenge of providing additional examples of Items choosing their owners… though I had to groan-er-fowl/brown-bag his Jim-Jones + Kool-aid linkage… Other good ones included:
    Ninja Turtles and Pizza
    Damocles and his sword (not exactly Excalibur, but a sort of nice contrast)
    Tom Thumb and his plum?
    And I would now have to consider adding, Eve+the Apple? (chew on that one, theologians 😉 ) While we are at that, maybe add (Rain+every living thing in the world) + Noah?

    PS Last night we picked up another 1200 bricks, 2 barrels, and another 250Gal water tank. While there Kenny said his wife loved her spoon and wants to meet us / go camping together some time.

    PPS Gene – Kenny has some very old doors and mantles along with upright architectural columns that are looking for a home… wondered if something like that would be interesting to the HCWG? It would be lead paint and I told him that would put a lot of people off… but sounds like they could be available if there is any interest.


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