Finishing: Richard Winchester’s Oil Finishing Methodology — 3 Comments

  1. Richard.  THANKS for this post.  I used gloss instead of satin, thinking I could rub it out to a satin finish.  Have I messed up?  If I rub it with 0000steel wool, it feels great, looks pretty good, but not entirely even. Will this even out with wax? I’m afraid to use wool lube or wax on it until I’m sure it’s sanded properly.  I don’t want to use the R/O on it for fear of sanding through.  Any suggestions as to how I should proceed?

    • HI Dorothy,  First, I have never sanded through my 3/4 coats of finish after CURING.  You can actually feel when there is no stickyness with the finish.   It is not hard to do if you keep up the lube and that is what I would do.  Rubbing out by hand is hard work to get it even, thats why Teri came up with the machinery rub out.  Be sure to keep your rubbing in a straight line.  Keep at it, ha.ha.  When I do that (hand rub) I often ending up using my buffer after the wax to clean up any problems.  I have never tried to convert gloss to satin but that could be the reason to go to the machine rub out  May be you would stop with the 1500 grit disc?  I would wipe off the lub then to see it it works. I hope that helps. Richard

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