Donate your N95 Masks and Nitrile Gloves — 3 Comments

  1. On Mar 27, 2020, at 10:29, Chuck Aaron wrote:

    Thank you all for stepping forward and volunteering to share your personal protective equipment with the first responders, triage staff, and hospital personnel in Howard County.
    We were able to provide 620 gloves, 73 N95 masks, and 6 lab coats.

    Stay safe and thanks again.

    Chuck Aaron

  2. As of today, Chuck Aaron reports that eight donors have provided 520 gloves, 67 masks, 12 lab coats, with 10 drivers total.

    A big thanks to all those who were able to spare some of their PPE resources.

  3. The following people have offered donations:

    • Gene Torrey
    • Chuck Aaron
    • Mark Fradkin
    • Michael Koesters
    • John Barrett
    • Bob Lewis
    • Donald Luery
    • Doug Douglas
    • Dorothy Shannon
    • Doug Douglas
    • Douglas L. Rowe
    • Bill Powers

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