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2022-01-30: Beads of Courage Class for Four Only (updated) — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Gene:

    I have not been to the shop since joining the hcwg, and would like to visit the shop.  What are the best times to do so?


    • Hi Lou,

      That’s a great question, and one that may not be obvious by looking over the workshop homepage or checking the shop schedule.

      Feel free to drop by any time during workshop open hours.  You must wear an N95, KN95, or KF94 mask and safety eyewear when inside the shop.  Cloth or medical masks such as for Covid do not qualify.  The reason for the mask is to protect you from micro dust in the air.  The safety glasses must be marked Z87 and have side coverage.

      The workshop is operated inside the Bain Center, one of Howard County’s 50+ Senior Centers. We must operate the shop within the Bain Center’s open hours.  For insurance and county requirements, a trained Guild Shop Monitor must be in the shop when it is occupied, and there must always be two or more members in the shop when power tools are operated.  These ripples and more are covered in the workshop policy.


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