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2021-12-04 December 2021 Monthly Meeting — 5 Comments

  1. Workshop Notes:

    Missing tools – DeWalt Jig Saw was borrowed and remains missing.
    Clean up – Clean up after yourself.
    Dust Gates – open to start, close when done.
    Power Sanders – use gum rubber block to clean of the sander surface.
    Glue bottle – clean up the tip.

  2. Of course, when the details of the Baltimore Woodworking show were being discussed, I was pulled away dealing with he kids. Can someone post the outcome of that? Thanks!

    • Hi Joe,
      Prior to our December monthly meeting,
      – The Shows’ website still only states that they are “planning” six in person shows, instead of the former 12 show schedule. Their site offers last year’s virtual shows. Not sure if there is a fee.
      – The Maryland State Fairgrounds website lists the Woodworking Shows of Baltimore for January 7-9, 2022, 12PM to 3PM(!). The 800# phone number listed by Fairgrounds leads to a Medicare telesales company!
      – Wrote sever personal emails to former contacts, completed two Contact Us forms on the producers web site. No response.
      Today, 12/6/2021,
      I called the woodworking shows producer’s toll phone number. It went to voicemail, so I left a message.

      At this juncture, given that the Show Producer seems to be on radio silence, it is practically speaking too late for us to slam together any participation.
      If we learn that the show is happening, and the date is out a six weeks or so, we should be able. Regardless of date, we’ll forward notice to members.

  3. Ron Singer’s donation to the guild filled up most of a truck! We have lots of pine boards, some 6-8″ wide, plenty of 3/4 and smaller plywood boards among a very wide assortment – all available for members to take and use. – Manny

  4. Toys for Tots elves:
    Joseph Russo
    Hector Cardona
    Tom Barry
    Alicia Sweat
    Tom Rollins
    Sergio Trejo
    Phil Schwartz
    Jim Gregory
    Jim Kouroupis
    Carl Lancaster
    Bob Lewis
    Norm Williams
    Mike Heavner
    Ron Clements

    Thanks Norm for keeping track.

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